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We Spent $2.3m in 90 Days at 6.5x ROAS

The challenge

  • Scale and maintain large ad budgets whilst battling ad fatigue

  • Develop brand positioning for increased customer response

  • Market and scale internationally

The result

  • 527% Revenue increase from the previous year

  • Increasing returning customer rate to 21%

  • Achieving a 24-hour sales record of $364k

What you will learn from this case study…

✅ Why branding is essential for next-level growth

✅ How to broaden your market internationally

✅ How to structure FB ad accounts for rapid scaling

✅ How to leverage new opportunities when they appear


When we first started working with this brand we initially performed prescriptive analysis (PA). PA allows us to gain a full understanding of what marketing techniques had been previously used to scale the business to a respectable monthly revenue of just over $1m.

In addition, our research showed us exactly where our focus needed to be in order to increase ad spend with a profitable return. Ultimately this is what led to our decision-making process that increased revenue by 5X.


A big focus for this brand right before we began to scale spending was to nail the branding. A store will make you a million but a brand will make you a billion. At EcomMeta we are strong believers that your lifetime value metrics will depend greatly on the message that your brand portrays.

This brand sells clothing and accessories to the blue-collar niche so we wanted to make sure that our messaging was authentic to the day to day work of the blue-collar marketplace. We did multiple branding days with the business to nail down the mission statement of the company. Once the mission statement was in place we could make sure that our marketing across all platforms was aligned with that statement. That's when results started to explode.

International Scaling

During our analysis phase, we discovered that there was an untapped marketplace in Mexico. The product and brand were a perfect fit and so we decided to launch ads and email campaigns by translating the language to Spanish. With our ads, we decided to keep the targeting completely broad and the Facebook algorithm rewarded us for doing so.

8 Figure Ad Account

We have spent the past few years trialling new Facebook ad account structures to allow us to scale as aggressively as possible. Our most impactful strategy called the ‘Bid Mitigation Strategy’ was used in this business which ultimately allowed us to scale spend to new heights.

The bid mitigation strategy is structured in the following way…

  • 1X ABO Campaign per country (For testing)

  • 1X CBO Campaign (Scaling)

  • 1X Minimum ROAS campaign (Maintaining)

  • 1X Cost Cap Campaign (Stabilising)

In essence, this ad account structure means we can play campaigns off each other and make sure they achieve a minimum profitable ROI. Each ad campaign uses a different bid strategy and so is made responsible for achieving the desired result as we continuously increase the budget.

Of course, the ad account structure is not just the only aspect of a successful marketing funnel… An effective and reliable flow of new content is key to scaling without encountering ad fatigue. We are currently writing 7 new ad scripts and pieces of copy every week to launch relentless testing to maintain the massive growth.

Omnichannel Expansion

With all of our clients, we are constantly looking at new ways to increase profitability and scale at TOF. TikTok is currently a goldmine of opportunity for brands to break into and with the proper guidance can be extremely lucrative.

With our current success on Facebook for this brand, we decided to tweak the video ads into a TikTok style format. With just a few minor changes, we turned on the tap of another highly profitable TOF source.

Omnichannel marketing is often the end game for large companies like this. As Facebook and TikTok progressed… We then took control of all marketing channels for the business. Including, FB, Insta, TikTok, Google ads, Email marketing, CRO, and Ad content editing.


There is a multitude of techniques that need the implementation to scale brands to 8 figures.

Each marketing platform has certain nuances that require true specialist capabilities to achieve good results. Advancing each one of these specialisms must remain the sole focus of marketing in order to scale and maintain competitiveness.

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